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Club Rentals

The Annual Miracle Tournament is held at the historic NCR Country Club located in beautiful Southwest Ohio. This historic course dates back to the early 20th century, and has become a well known, championship caliber course.

Rental Information

NCR Country Club will have a limited number of rental clubs available this year. Because of the high demand over the last few years, the policy on securing rentals has changed.

If you would like to ship your clubs to NCR Country Club, please do the following:

  • Ship to NCR Country Club, 4435 Dogwood Trail, Kettering, OH 45429
  • Indicate on the attention line/note section Hold for Miracle Tournament - Your Name
  • To have your clubs returned, include shipping label or UPS, FedEx account information and ship to address.
    • NCR Country Club will not be responsible for any lost or damaged equipment during the shipping process.

Rental requests will only be accepted via email on a first-come, first-served basis. A confirmation will be sent to the same email.

  • You must email your request to Rob Karnes (
  • Please include RH/LH, Men – Stiff flex, Men – Regular flex, Ladies – flex.
  • Requests sent to 7-Eleven and/or Speedway contacts cannot be guaranteed.

Walk up requests on the day of the event will be handled on a first come first served basis subject to availability.

  • Those participants that have prior confirmations via email will be taken care of first.
  • Supplies are extremely limited, and day of requests will likely not be able to be fulfilled.

2024 Champion Children

Age 12
Age 12

Treated at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego, CA.

A soccer super fan, Landon played whenever he could and scored seven goals in just one game. Things took a turn when eight-year-old Landon couldn’t run the length of the field without losing his breath. He was rushed to Rady Children’s Hospital, where it was discovered he had a mass that spanned his entire chest, collapsing his lung and putting pressure on his heart and kidneys. Landon was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and the stage 4 cancer had spread throughout his body. He faced a host of challenging procedures, including draining fluids from his lungs, a chest tube installation, a pic line installation, a bone marrow aspiration, and a lumbar puncture. Due to the severity of his condition, Landon could not be put under anesthesia, intensifying how excruciating these procedures were for Landon and his family. Luckily, the Child Life and Parent Liaison teams stepped in to provide peace and comfort to his family when they needed it most. Landon’s initial diagnosis came in the fall of 2020, which meant that he spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year in the hospital, under strict isolation protocol. After three long years of hospital stays and frequent visits, Landon had his port removed and plans to finish his treatment with the use of an IV. This year, he will conclude his cancer treatment, and get to return to the sports and activities he loves.

Donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals supported Landon and his family with Child Life and Parent Liaison programs to offer comfort as he battled cancer.

Age 5
Age 5

Treated at Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida in Fort Myers, FL.

At just 20 months old, Libbiana (Libbi) was diagnosed with stage 2 Wilms tumor in the height of the pandemic. On the day that Libbi was planning to ring the bell to celebrate being cancer-free at Golisano Children’s Hospital, her family learned that the cancer had come back and that it was growing rapidly. It consumed Libbi’s entire abdominal and pelvic area, compressing her bladder, intestines, and lungs. Despite strong chemotherapy, the tumor wasn’t shrinking. A risky and complicated surgery became the only option for her survival. Thankfully, by the time Libbi turned three, she had beat Wilms tumor twice. Over the course of 150 nights and an additional 150 days in the oncology clinic, Libbi overcame major emergency surgeries, being on a ventilator, blood and platelet transfusions, the removal of a kidney, intensive chemotherapy, and so much more. Today, Libbi is five years old, cancer-free, and healthy. She and her family love to share her story to give hope to other families.

Donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals ensured that Libbi and her family had the care and support they needed as she fought to beat cancer.

Age 9
Age 9

Treated at CHRISTUS Children’s in San Antonio, TX.

Drew was a happy, healthy two-year-old who had never been ill. He never even had an earache before he was diagnosed with pneumonia and admitted into the H-E-B Emergency Department at CHRISTUS Children’s after a very high fever. When pneumonia didn’t improve, he was transferred to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and underwent surgery to clear out his lungs, followed by a blood transfusion the next day. Drew’s vitals dropped extremely low, causing him to go into cardiac arrest. After his second surgery, he was able come off the ventilator, but then his anaphylactic allergic reaction to antibiotics caused another setback. His mother says “the PICU team will always have a special place in our hearts. They gave us the greatest gift: Drew’s life.” Today, Drew has fully recovered. He is a fun-loving, sweet nine-year-old that loves Marvel and LEGOS. He stays busy on the weekends playing football, baseball, and basketball.

Thanks to the support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Drew benefited from a brand new PICU ventilator to support his complex care and Child Life services for his family.

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